Attention Doctors: Timely Report Reveals How to Recession-Proof Your Practice and Flourish...

Peter J. Polack, M.D., F.A.C.S.

"The 7 Key Strategies To Building A Successful Medical Practice Even in Tough Economic Times"

You Will Discover...

  • The critical difference between sales and marketing -- and why you need to focus on both to make your practice succeed! (Page 5)
  • Why learning the skills of selling is important to the health of your patients! (Page 7)
  • Four critical steps you must take when evaluating an EMR software vendor!
    (Page 10)
  • How turning down business can actually increase your overall profits! (Page 13)
  • Why the ancient art of public speaking can be more important than keeping up with the latest technological developments.  (Page 15)
  • How to develop the reputation of being the best place to work in your region.  (Page 17)
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The deciding factor in success in this and any economy lies between your ears.  If you're not achieving all you want with your current practice, take advantage of the advice in this valuable report!

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